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graphix by papayaice

Graphix by Papayaice
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graphics made by papayaice in PSP8

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Hello and welcome to papayagraphix, the graphics community of Mer; papayaice. My icons are for anyone on LJ's use, and my journal is open to the public. I use PSP8 to make my graphics. Be sure to read the rules before doing anything else.
OTHER Graphic maker since somewhere around 2004. But sadly, I do not have PS.
NOTABLE SUBJECTS My Chemical Romance. Gossip Girl. Harry Potter. Lyrics. Quotes. Stock. Broadway. Many, many different movies, actors and actresses. Requests.
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• No Altering/Claiming any of my work.
• Hotlinking is a sin. Get a photobucket.
• Credit papayagraphix for ANYTHING you use of mine. Example.
• All graphics are for LIVEJOURNAL ONLY. No Myspace/Facebook/Xanga/Etc without my permission. I will give permission if you ask nicely, I just want to know.
• Comments and any feedback are very much appreciated. &hearts
• Textless graphics are NOT bases.
• If you're nominating any of my work, please let me know.

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For once the shadows gave way to light, for once I didn't disengage.

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